Mike and Maureen RVing around the USA

Carson City, Nevada, was our home base for four nights while we visited Lake Tahoe for the scenery and Carson City for the golf.  Our RV park in Carson City was OK but the sites were very narrow with low hanging tree limbs.  I managed to catch one of the tree limbs with my factory installed side ladder while leaving our site.  No damage to the roof but it bent the heck out of my ladder.  I will get a new ladder in San Diego.  We took an entire day driving around the Lake Tahoe, detouring off the perimeter road often to check out how the locals live.  There were many very expensive, very large custom homes on the lake and in golf communities off the lake.  The California side of the lake sure has developed a lot since I was last there in the 70s and very early 80.  Based on the traffic, it seems the economy is doing well this summer up there.  I, Mike, really enjoyed the valley south of Carson City.  Seems like it would be a nice place to live if you don’t mind the cold.  The golfing there was excellent……..met some nice guys on the course.

DSC03143 DSC03147 DSC03151 DSC03152

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